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We offer a wide range of services to try to meet everyone's individual needs.  Below is more information about our different training options as well as the time commitment expectation for each.  As well, there is more information about our boarding vs pet sitting options.  Please, ask us which is best for you and your pup.

Board and Train


Minimum 2-Week Commitment

Our facilities include large, air conditioned/heated, completely private indoor kennels with large outdoor kennels and a large play yard. We live on-site which means that we have the ability to work with your pet with a wide variety of people and animal distractions. We strive to set ourselves apart by focusing on quality, positive based training. We focus on better quality training by working with fewer dogs at one time. Our board and trains come with an in-home follow up session the week following completion along with scheduled follow ups for the next 30 days. This part is critical for success and is a required commitment.

Private In-Home Training

1-hr Sessions

$300 for 5 Sessions

$550 for 10 Sessions

If you prefer to learn one-on-one, private classes are just what you’re looking for. These individualized sessions are done at your home or at a public place and will allow you to focus on what you’re specifically wanting to train on. Whether it’s simple skills or something advanced like service or therapy dog preparation, we can assist by creating a personalized lesson plan that puts you and your dog on the path to success. Our training is positive based and shows you how you can master your pet’s behaviors, and yes, you can do it. We treat each pet as an individual, taking into account their needs and personalities. Classes are generally scheduled for once a week with "homework" in between. Keep in mind that your homework is critical to training success.

Dog and Cat Boar​ding

$30/Day for One Pet

Discounts for Additional Pets

We also offer both dog and cat boarding services. Our dog kennel has large indoor runs with attached outdoor kennels and a large play yard. What makes us different? We're very small so that we can focus on quality of care. The interior kennels are air conditioned/heated. The exterior play yard fence is 6 ft tall and is made from high tensile woven wire to keep your pets safe. Your pets will have regular access to the play yard at no additional charge so they can run and have fun. We live right next to the kennel and someone is almost always here. For dogs that are friendly, they can have play time with our fur-family, too. We even have the ability to bring stressed out pups indoors if needed.

Pet Sitting and Livestock Care

$30/Half Hour Visit

When you’re out of town, we can assist. Whether it’s checking on your home, grabbing the mail and newspaper, or changing out lights, we can stop in to assist. For your pets, we can help with feeding, potty, and play breaks. Our team has experience with livestock and exotic pets along with training and medical matters. We collectively have 40 yrs experience working with animals.

CGC Testing

We’re now offering AKC’s battery of Canine Good Citizenship test. Whether you’re wanting your pup to try the STAR Puppy test or you want to go all the way through to the CGC Urban test, we’re here to help. These tests are important for any therapy or assistance dog as preparation for your dog’s new job. They’re also really good ways to prepare your dog for life in public as a good dog citizen. For those of you with registered dogs, you can add these titles to your registration.

Service & Therapy Training

Trick Training

Agility and Fly Ball Prep

And More!

We also offer a variety of additional training including service and therapy work prep, trick training, as well as agility and 

fly ball prep.  These classes are all about having fun and expanding your pup's skill set.

What our customers are saying

I’m so jealous! My dog loves his trainer, Lynette Flint, more that he loves me!! I am just kidding, I think. Lynette is the most welcoming, knowledgeable, and comfortable person I have ever met in the area of pet needs. She knows my dog inside and out and is able to communicate clearly with me so that I can better understand him. She has so much experience and intuitively knows even more about dog behavior. Her experience spans many, many dog breeds. I am just so impressed. I took in a rescue that I found at the Linda McNatt Animal Shelter. He was sorely in need of help and I loved him at first sight. However, I have never spent any time around much less owned a hound and they are a different character than the dogs I have known. Lynette is teaching me about him with compassion and a wealth of information. I’m so grateful to have discovered Net’s Happy Pets!!

 -- Julie W.

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